Available Books:

>Early Cemetery Records, Ossipee, New Hampshire

By Loud, Eva Blake, and Mabel E. Blake.

Paper; published by the Bicentennial Committe, Ossipee, New Hampshire, 1976. This book names and locates each cemetery and records the inscriptions on each stone. Note beneath dedication by Marian L. Nickerson reads as follows:

"These records were copied from the gravestones in Ossipee in all the cemeteries they could find by Mrs. Eva Blake Loud and Her mother, Mrs. Mabel E. Blake, from the 1920's to the 1940's. No attempt has been made to organize or edit them. What appears to be wrong spelling was probably faithfully copied from the gravestones." I counted 84 cemeteries listed in the index, including one with the name, "The Small-Pox Cemetery." If anyone is interested in Ossipee cemeteries, this book is a good place to start. A copy is undoubtedly available at the public library. Recommended by Moultonville Native, 2/25/2001.

NOTE: Members may click CemBook.txt  for the online edition of this book.

Recommended 3/1/2005.


>Bearcamp River House

By Nickerson, Marion L...

Paper; 40 pages, b&w illustrations. Printed about the time of the Ossipee Bicentennial, this book is about the Bearcamp River House and the surrounding West Ossipee village. From the Forward by Marion Nickerson: "The Bearcamp River House has become a local legend since it was destroyed by fire more than a hundred years ago. A few facts survive in books and records but it takes considerable research to dig them out. This book is an attempt to keep alive fact as well as legend." About the author: "Marion L. Nickerson was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and with her family spent all her summers until her late teens on the Mountain Road in West Ossipee. She came back to retire in her 1790 farmhouse there and maried Norman Nickerson. Her ancestors, the Nutters, were very early settlers in Ossipee and the Nickersons came to Tamworth in 1772, so it was natural for her to be interested in the history of these towns." Recommended by Moultonville Native, 2/25/2001.

Recommended by Peg, 3/1/2005.


>Early Ossipee, A Pictorial View

By Ossipee Bicentennial Commitee, Brayton Eldridge, Chairman. 1976.

Paper, 100 p. The picture on the first page shows an "aerial" view of the Center Ossipee square taken from the top of the grain tower. The book isdivided into the different villages of Ossipee: Center Ossipee, Ossipee Village, Moultonville, Roland Park, and West Ossipee. Many of the photographs are from old postcards. Quality is okay, but not sharp. Recommended by Moultonville Native, 2/25/2001.

Recommended by Peg , 8/6/2002.


>Early Settlers' Meeting House at Leighton's Corner New Hampshire

By Leighton, Minnie I..

Hardcover, 40 p., illus., published by Independent Press, Center Ossipee, NH, 1933. On dustjacket flap: "Scattered throughout New England aresmall rural churches whose congregations have long since vanished. Their histories are well worth preserving. In this volume Miss Leighton has done more than write the interesting story of a small New Hampshire church. She has furnished a model for others who may wish to perform a similar service for a church still held in loving remembrance by those who once worshipped with its walls." This is a gem of a book. Minnie Leighton was a school teacher in town, and she lived in the house next to the Hitching Post. Recommended by Moultonville Native, 2/25/2001.

Recommended by Peg, 8/6/2002.

>Ossipee New Hampshire 1785-1985: A History

By Cook, Jr., Edward M. with the assistance of Edward M. Cook and Ruth Loring...

Hardcover, 376 p., published by Peter E. Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, N.H., 1989. On title page, "Published for the Town of Ossipee" Some Publication Notes: The town paid $22,370 to have this book published at a cost of $14.91 each. Copies were originally available at town hall at a cost of $25.00 each. The Ron White painting of the Center Ossipee Square on the cover cost an additional $1,500 to reproduce and was approved by the then Chairman of the Board of Selectman. The painting added immeasurably to the appeal and presentation of the book.

The Chapters as follows: 1. Before the Settlers Came 2. Ossipee Gore 3. A Town Takes Shape 4. The Traditional Way of Life, 1785-1830 5. Town Affairs, 1785-1900 6. The Age of Promise, 1820-1860 7. The "Supreme Dignity of the Common Schools" 8. The Religious Life of the People.  Appendices on local officials, post offices, businesses; various tables; sources; Indexed.  

Maps in a separate envelope: 1. Survey Map of Ossipee, 1772-1799 2. Homesites in Ossipee, 1800 3. Homesites in Ossipee, 1830 4. Ossipee in 1860 (redrawn from Carroll County Map) 5. Ossipee in 1890 (from Carroll County Atlas)

This is a fine history but I've noticed incorrect dates in the business appendex. Probably not the fault of the author, but of the New Hampshire Register. 

 Original post by a  Moultonville Native, 2/25/2001.

Copies are available by contacting the Ossipee Historical Society.

Recommended by frank2 , 8/6/2002.

>Perfection to a Fault: A Small Murder in Ossipee New HAmpshire-1916

By Janice S. C. Petrie.

Copies available by contacting the Ossipee Historical Society

Recommended by frank2 , 3/17/2001.


>WESLEYAN CENTURY in a VILLAGE of NEW HAMPSHIRE, A -- The Moultonville Methodist Church

By Loud, Grover Cleveland.

Hardcover, 46 pages. Nicely printed overview of the Moultonville Methodist Church 1866-1966, black & whiteillustrations. Check "Biographies" section of this site to learn more about Grover Loud, an Ossipee native. Recommended by Moultonville Native, 2/25/2001.

Recommended by Peg, 8/6/2002.


>Whittier-Land, A Handbook of North Essex

By Pickard, Samuel T..

Hardcover, 160 p., published by Houghton Mifflin, 1904. Reprinted many times into the 1930's. Additional title information: "Containing many anecdotes of and poems by John Greenleaf Whittier never collected before." This is a good summantion of the book which contains Whittier anecdotes and poems that relate to Ossipee, as well as other areas in New Hampshire and Massachusetts that have Whittier associations. Recommended by Moultonville Native, 2/25/2001.Recommended by Peg WebMaster , 8/6/2002.

Recommended by Peg, 8/6/2002.



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